Niche Profit Classroom Members Testimonials

By | December 12, 2011

NPC Members Testimonials



“I Have Made Up To $1,000 A Day Part Time Following Your Strategies”

I just wanted to drop you a note to say I was quite literally blown away.

I never expected it to be so complete and so full of creative and unique stuff that can not be found anywhere else online.

I have made up to $1000 a day part time following your strategies.

I can now see I was only profiting by the tip of the iceberg.

You have really opened my eyes and I’m looking forward to doubling my output in the near future.




“I Have Been Able To Sky-Rocket My Online Income”

I must say that I don’t do too many testimonials. But for you, I’ll make an exception. I’ve used your tools for quite some time now and have never been disappointed with any of them.

I’ve always experienced limited success in my online ventures, that is until your training.

Using the step-by-step information contained within your training, I’ve been able to sky rocket my online income and only see a much brighter future ahead.

I was an experienced internet marketer before I came upon training, but now you’ve sent me in a totally new direction. A direction of actually building a sustainable online business and a steady income online finally.

After many years of stumbling around trying one cockeyed venture after another, I’ve finally settled into a path I’m comfortable with. Thanks to your training.

Thanks guys, I feel my future is on the right path. I’ve been doubling my income every month.



“I Have Earned More Than $3,000 After 3 Weeks…”

Guys, I don’t know how to thank you enough for letting this out to the public.

All I can say is this ROCKS!

Let me tell you straight out, I’ve been into online business for over 3 years but never… I repeat, never before have I created my own product simply because I didn’t have the confidence.

That’s why I only marketing affiliate products.

After digesting all of the information provided in your training, I’ve earned more than $3,000 after 3 weeks.

I created my own product in one of the hottest niche markets.

The income still is growing day by day…

I can’t wait to create more products and achieve my dream of making millions online.

I truly believe I can do this with your help. May God bless you and your family.



“Your Training Works Well For Anybody, Beginner To Expert”

I wanted to write you today to let you know how appreciative I am of your product, or should I say group of products, since there is so much here!

I have been in the internet marketing business for several years, but it wasn’t until I joined here that I made the leap from part-time so-so income to the money I knew I could make if I did this right.

I’m not comfortable quoting numbers, but let’s just say that financial freedom is now a very short-term goal, rather than a life goal!

Your training works well for anybody, beginner to expert. I was well-experienced in most areas of web-building, but very much a rookie at how to pick niches and how to get traffic, and especially in how to build sites that kept making money over the long term.

This business has changed so much in the last few years, and your training changes constantly to keep up.

This is by far the best product in the industry for teaching a person how to get traffic, and also how to profit from it.

Monetization tactics play a much more important role than most people realize. Gone are the days when you could just slap Ads on a site and make a good living. I was floundering until I joined here.

I have recommended a half-dozen people to your training, and now some of them are now full-time internet marketers making a great living from this.

Your program was simple enough for these total rookies to achieve financial success within a few months of joining.

The days of being able to throw up junk sites and earn money are over for the average person. You training gives a person the knowledge and material they need to compete in high-potential niches, and it provides all the guidance needed to succeed.

This is a high-quality training, and produces top-notch websites that are very customer friendly and will never be banned from search engines. I used to have sights lose search engine love routinely, but my recent sites never do, they are all high-quality.

My primary goal in internet marketing is to earn a better than average income while reducing the hours I work.

I am hooked on enjoying life, and your training has allowed me to do that!

Thanks to what I have learned here, it takes me very little time to maintain sites once they are set up. Each group of sites I build works almost entirely on auto-pilot, and brings in solid income month after month.

I can invest a dozen hours building a group of sites in a niche, and they will pay regularly for months, paying for my time very quickly. I am at the point where I can do this when I want, and not have to work all night!

It is not unusual at all for me to do two days of work to build sites that pay me $200 per month, for many months. This is the best investment of my time I have ever done.

This is just one example: A couple months ago I built in a niche I had never worked in before, coin collecting. I had several PLR articles and some re-written content. I built a group of sites and blogs, submitted a handful of articles, spent about four hours doing a ton os social marketing, and got a few more links. Now, 60 days later I am averaging $10 sales per day of an ebook, and my mailing list is growing. I will only need a few hours a month to keep this growing.

I know I was one of your first customers, and I will be forever. This is the best investment I’ve ever made!

Thanks again,

David K


“Finally, I’m Making Real Money Online”

WOW! I’ve got only one word to describe the results of your training….FANTASTIC!!

Finally, I’m making real money online thanks to my beautiful little sites targeting micro niches.

I started launching these small, easy-to-make sites, just like you taught me to, and the money started flowing in much quicker than I thought possible.

I was AMAZED! And very thankful because it’s what I’ve been searching for all along…a way to protect myself and my family from the ups and downs of a VERY fickle economy.

I’ve been looking for a way to earn a living from home for a long time.

I’ve made a little money here and there, enough to keep me going, but never enough to provide a real living.

My main trouble has been FOCUS…I’ve hopped around from method to method, down one dead end after another, and I never really enjoyed much success.

Your training course gave me the instruction I needed and the motivation to keep me on going.

The sites I made were so easy to do, I didn’t have time to lose focus!

And the money coming in has kept me pointed in the right direction, you can be sure!

One of my daughters has a mild learning disability and the money from my sites is helping pay for a very expensive tutor.

I don’t think I would have been able to pay for the extra help she needs to succeed in school right now if it weren’t for my sites pulling in this much needed cash.

Thank you guys.

I was impressed with you and your training right from the start, and you certainly didn’t disappoint me.

You are different from a lot of the other marketers I’ve known online…you care about your subscribers and you are constantly testing and upgrading the information you provide. Not only that, but you teach by example as you are actually using the information you are teaching!

Keep up the good work!.

Gail C


“I Have Never In All My Years Online Seen So Much Value Packed Into One Product…”

It’s no wonder this is making waves!

I have never in all of my years online seen so much value packed into one product.

Your monthly niche websites are nothing short of astonishing.

I could not believe the quality of the sites, down to the very last detail. Not only do they look nice, but the content is of top quality. The sites are so attractive, and so professional! You’re giving away niches that I had no idea even existed.

You offer a surefire system where even total beginners can be up and running with their first profit making website literally in minutes.

And I’m willing to bet that even the most advanced marketers are going to be drooling when they see what you’re offering on the training section.

Congratulations on creating one of the highest-quality products in existence on building an online business.”

Gina Gaudio Graves


“I Am Now Making $4,000 A Month”

Thank you so much, guys! I can’t believe how hard it was to build a site and and a product.

It took countless hours before I come to your training.

And making the first sale was so difficult in the beginning.

With the help of what you guys offer here, and after couple of month spent, recently I am receiving around 5 orders of my product everyday.

My goal for this year is to make money for down payment and finally buy my own house. Thank you so much!

Yuki S

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